Appointment Tomorrow

Hi I have appointment with psychiatrist tomorrow and am anxious and scared he will increase my medications. I’m not benefiting from the meds I’m on. I’m like a zombie the last two weeks again.

Not sure what’s going on with me. Probably have something else besides somataform disorder I think. I think definitely neurological.

I dont know whether I am coming or going. Everything is too much on my brain. I am definitely not right. I feel like a dead weight. My head is so woozy. I cant do one thing properly. Everything is like swimming in my head.

Something is very wrong that much I know. I think I’m very ill but what it is, I just don’t know. I go to do a task and end up forgetting that task and going to something else.

My thoughts are when I wash a cup, you cant do it right. And that’s going on all day with everything.

What is this, I cant add it up to somataform disorder because my symptoms feel a whole lot different to that. I mean I’m practically house bound with the walls caving in on me. Is this schizophrenia the losing train of thought and getting nowhere?

Or am I suffering from a neurological illness on top of somataform disorder or is it schizophrenia, or psychosis? What is psychosis

My psychiatrist knows I have these symptoms a d he says its somataform disorder but my whole life is a drunken woozy feeling drowsy and groggy and messy and awkward with my thoughts racing. I’m on edge as well