Anyone who has had experience with Risperdal please help me - my bf wants to kill himself

Know the name of it? (The place may be perfectly “straight-up” and ethical, BUT… some of them really aren’t. And those who know the lay of the land can tell pretty much by who the operator is what the tx philosophies, policies and practices tend to be.)

Yeah I agree with this. I’ve been to “nice places” where no one has a clue what they’re talking about and everything is just by the book and by protocol and you’re basically just a number.

You see I think a lot of people are actually just scared of getting sued believe it or not, which is why they don’t deviate from protocol an inch.

That and, sadly, much worse.

I would take this out of this post but it says that I can’t edit it anymore because too much time passed.


See the section on discontinuation I’ll say from first hand experience it actually does feel like an eternity. Also if injections are involved they stay in your system a lot longer than pills so it works slightly differently.

I would also suggest a med change if it is necessary. I take seroquil and it’s very mild on the mind the only problem is weight gain but I havn’t had that side effect because I always had a fast metabolism.

There are much milder medications than Risperdal.

You know perhaps a change of scenery? IDK it worked for me. If I still lived in my old house I’d feel like a loser idk that’s just me though-

IDK this stuff happens to everybody. The only reason I always get out of the hospital so fast is because I just shut up and do whatever they say and just smile and talk to everybody and then they just let me out.

Um… Ok I gotta log off before I go insane now.


Yeah you know that’s actually the worst- worse than the medications worse than being locked up because then you just end up in a cold ditch wanting to die all alone.

Caregivers always betray the trust of the patient- they don’t know what it costs them.

Never betray the patient because it’s the principal not whether or not anyone is being helped, IMO, worst thing you can do to the mentally ill is destroy their trust then you’ll end up talking to walls and rocks and god because you don’t trust anyone and no one loves you anymore and it brings the patient to a cold ditch.

People think patients are “out of their mind” or “won’t remember” but it’s not like that in my experience.

I would also suggest just basically giving him everything he wants until he comes out of it. I actually believe that people need love and not drugs- one simply works and the other is questionable on whether it works or not.


This is complete ■■■■■■■■.


there is lots of useful information on my blog:
you can ignore the cbd part of it but I encourage you to read through. There is hope, but it takes lots of work. When I was on Risperdal in the early stages of my illness, I kept reminding myself that God would not allow me to feel this way forever. I was deeply depressed with delusions and hallucinations. I work now and I have a good support system. Follow the advice of other members here and try to instill in him that it the seas are calm once you get over that initial wave.

Invite him onto the forums, i’d say we’re pretty non threatening help, he’d also have his anonymity. Peers are always helpful, and there are tons of those here who understand the struggle.

Just make it clear that he has to have an open mind. It’s also against the guidelines to post that you are going to kill yourself. For reasons of anonymity, of course. It makes everybody feel like ■■■■ because we can’t physically do anything about it.

If he wants to seek help, we’re always here.

As far as prognosis, schizophrenia isn’t degenerative in patients who comply with medication. There are tons of supplements you can take that will help, he can request a change in medication, changing his habits and keeping a daily routine will help a lot too, you know? There are tons of coping strategies I can tell you right now he is not using. He is also suffering with depression, which easily has as much of an effect on mood, emotional stunting, and sexual arousal as meds, I can confidently say it has a hell of a lot more.

here is a link to a page on my blog titled Emergency plan. You can complete this with him as a starter to say to him that you are still supportive of him.
Emergency plan

Man, this is just such a striking similarity to someone I actually know. I’m gonna be disturbed all week because of this. Man, it’s like the freakin’ Northen wind a blownin man. Pretty damn cold. I can feel the chills all the way over here. I guess we can flush hospitality down the toilet as an option. So cold.

Yeah I just don’t see what the big deal is. Just let him punch a few holes in the walls or something. I don’t get why it’s so disturbing. Shoulda seen my neighbor when he went off his meds, it was pretty funny. We didn’t know what to tell the landlord lol. Oh yeah idk, some people are just expected to be perfect I guess. IDK don’t look at me. I don’t understand that.

I was forcibly hospitalized and given risperidone 6mg for about two weeks and it finished me. This is one drug that should never be prescribed to anyone for any reason whatever. I lost all creativity, spark of life. I could look at the moon and not believe that it was a satellite of Earth at a certain distance. I contemplated killing myself to protect my ‘legacy’, all the people I had touched in my life and if they ever saw me like this my legacy would be destroyed. But I didn’t. I got on antidepressants like Paxil, Stablon others. I started taking my pills and then spit it out. In due time my parents found out I wasn’t taking the medication and they were very disappointed at first and possibly contemplated having the hospital give me long acting injections but then they let me not take them. I reserached wildly on the net to find some cure of this. I realized that it was the very very strong dopamine antagonism that risperidone does. At 6mg it has 85% receptor occupancy. Wikipedia also says that certain potent antagonists can actually kill receptors over and above blocking them. I started taking pramipexole. I felt a bit better. I then tried alcohol. Only temporary relief was found. I finally stumbled upon modafinil and that was a really great discovery. Even though some tolerance built up over the course of a few weeks, it definitely helped me feel happier a bit. I still take it today. Then I went back to the neurologist who had prescribed me the Paxil and Stablon. He prescribed me olanzapine. That was a game changer. I could concentrate. I could look people in the eye. I could feel some depth of feeling. It was good. I am still on olanzapine, I take about 10mg. Overall, life is not what it was prior to risperidone but it is ok I guess.

This condition is known as neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome.

I think that at some point of time in the future a cure will be discovered for something like this. Without using serious dopaminergics like cocaine or methamphetamine, which I have never taken, but they may work, but I can’t advise that. Another tendency of psychiatrists when they hear complaints such as this is to identify it with negative symptoms of schizophrenia and recommend stronger antipsychotics. I do believe that a cure may be found one day, even if it means administering cocaine or heroin, in a clinical setting, to activate the limbic system once again.

I was on it for a long time, both pills and shots. The only side effects I ever had were tiredness and an involuntary biting of my tongue. It helps many people.

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No offense. It can help many people I don’t doubt that. There just aren’t as many negative stories about any other drug as about Risperdal.

Zyprexa for weight gain. Seroquel for tiredness. Haldol for the “Haldol Shuffle”. Many meds have side effects, Risperdal doesn’t seem any worse than any others.

Meds work differently on different people and everyone should keep trying till they find the right combination of meds and dosage that works.


Yeah the most common complaint with Zyprexa is weight gain. I can’t see that as serious side effects as what I experienced with risperdal. Again, people with sz because of what they go through tend to be pretty loyal to their meds and what they feel best with.

get hi m on a good anti psychotic…try Seroquel or abilify…they helped me

This all sounds so familiar.

My roommate in college betrayed me and I am so glad she saved my life. to make a long long story short. I enentualy did return to graduate, have jobs, marry. But the best thing is eventually having a child to leave my tiny mark in the world.

Some invent things, some may cure cancer or even sz. Or some may just be a needed friend one day. God loves us all and doesn’t want to lose anyone.

So if we can, it’s our duty to help save people from self harm!

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Hello Pickle,

I’m so sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend. My heart truly goes out to you. :pray: I’m new here, I’m a dad of a 24-year old son with sz. It developed gradually starting age 20. Since I’m new here my suggestion may seem outrageous, but you have so much at stake, I’d look at all options if I was in your shoes or his.

I suggest looking into HIGH-CBD cannabis such as Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil. It’s legal and shipped to your door in 48 states. I started giving it to my son 6 months ago and it’s helped a huge amount. 1/5 to 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. It’s considered a dietary supplement. I have seen NO side effects other than he has less anxiety and his communication improves.

CW is legal because it only has 0.3% THC in it. It’s calming and produces NO “high” effect. It’s been used to remedy cases of severe epilepsy. My son was taking an anti-seizure med, Lamictal, and it was fine, but CW is better. DO NOT CHANGE ANY PRESCRIPTION MEDS. Just add this in. (Legal: google Congressional House Resolution 5226.)

Go to The Realm of Caring and set up an account. Then click on any blue bottle image of CW, which takes you to CW Botanicals. Sign in using your RoC account, then click on Advanced Solutions to get the discounted price, which is $250 and lasts 2 months. I’M NOT SELLING THIS, My son uses it for mood stabilization, I love it for better sleep and to reduce my own anxiety, my mother uses it to reduce her aches and pains. :blush: Pain research largely shows no side effects when used with prescribed pain meds.

It’s easy to be confused about “medical marijuana” because some versions of it has THC in it. Those “typical” versions are ok for cancer patients but NOT for anyone with bipolar or schizophrenia. DO NOT offer “medical marijuana” to your boyfriend unless it is SPECIFICALLY HIGH-CBD cannabis.

Medical cannabis has both THC and CBDs in it, but the RATIO IS WHAT COUNTS for bipolar/schizophrenic. CW is 30:1 ratio of CBDs to THC. :sunny: Another smokeable and liquid strain is ACDC which is 20:1 CBDs to THC. DON’T GET REGULAR THC POT NEAR ANYONE WITH SZ. THC induces psychosis and bad moods, CBDs are calming and reduces psychosis. There are tons of clinical studies, just google cannabis reduces schizophrenia psychosis.

My prayers are absolutely with you and your community/family. :pray:

I hope your boyfriend didn’t do it. Try to tell him that there’s so much more life ahead of him and there no reason to make a permanent decision about a temporary problem. He’s also not alone. Many people have these sorts of problems.

I was suicidal over the holidays as well. I think the holiday stress is what gets a lot of people even people without mental illness. I hope he can try to look past the current problems of the present and realize that his life can be much better when he’s older no matter what the situation is during the present.

The hospital and intensive in patient therapy can also be an option if he really thinks he needs that much help. I usually don’t really like going to the hospital but it can help sometimes.

I would also like to add that even when you’re in the hospital you can still refuse medication and just go to the therapies or only take a mild dose of medication.

Please don’t do it.

Suicide is never a good answer.

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Please no one commit suicide. It’s never that bad.