Anyone want to have a gibberish conversation?

It’s you say do no far to be oh what?

Illdi sona tira fito mina bedo li…

Probably a waste of time but I’m really bored and need to chat about nothing…

Any takers?

Let’s Speak in ESPERANTO!.

Nel Mezzo Del Cammin Di Nostra Vita!.

Its on SKY NEWS grass has turned blue

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@ATARI - so I reached my posting limit yesterday and couldn’t respond. I don’t know how best to respond to you anyway.

There are several ways I can interpret the esperanto. Nel is a strange word, so I will leave that, “el” obviously means “the” in Spanish, but I don’t know where the “n” comes from.

“Mezzo” could mean anything from “Middle” to “China”

“Del” - “of the”

“Cammin” - “Walk”, “Path”, “Way”, “Tao”

“Di” - “of”

“Nostra Vita” - “our life”.

So one could say it is a comment on the “Middle Path” or “Tao” of “Chinese life” or those of us who are in the “Middle”.

I’ve often wondered whether the word “Tao” has something to do with alpha and omega. (T)-A-O.

Also a question for you:

Does the character for ten (10) 十 date from BC or AD?

Does the following equation make sense? 阳阴 = 十?

I hope this is not too jingoistic. I am wary that I have been making use of the names of nations too much recently.

Thank you.

((()))(((~@~Thus Link Might Be Helpful~@~)))((()))
((()))(((~@~Thus Link Might Be Helpful~@~)))((()))

Syempre in pochita tonto hacienda finite cabron…todos des welt sigurado dacour

@Gagis why do you have a posting limit? Do I have a posting limit? What is this posting limit you speak of?

Per Una Selva Oscura!.

The problem is that though talented, I am a liability, so I have to be watched and managed.

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I see, so how many posts do you get per day? Don’t answer if you don’t want to waste your post, I understand. Unless you want to mix it with something else interesting to say.

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