Anyone struggling with clozapine?

I’m finding it making me very constipated having to have an enema all the time and so tired no motivation at all… Also I had a seizure which they think is related. I’m on 450mg. How about you?

I’m on 100mg clozapine, no horrible side effects more like tiredness or drooling,
How much time have you been on it?

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Oh yes I get drooling. Um about 4 months I think

They will be gone by time but I don’t know how much of time, maybe one year, it depends, what other meds do you take?

I’m on 500mg split dose. Gained a lot of weight and drool when I sleep.

Im on 300 in mornin and 300 at night… I was on doc o lace and sena to help with constipation but i ended up getting on metaform and it reversed to dirreaha… Not fun… Also i was still havin symptoms so my pdoc added abilify 10 mg to night med

Used to struggle with weight gain but not anymore. I have made some lifestyle changes so i dont gain now. I have reached weight loss plateau and wont lose further. My weight is stuck

Clozapine has worsened my anxiety and panic attacks, I have to take benzo to fix them.

I’m honestly on like 15 meds right now I’m over it

I take 200mg in the morning and 300mg at night. It helps with the positive symptoms. :monkey_face::monkey_face::monkey_face: