Anyone plays Starcraft remastered?

It looks good…


You can’t play games XD

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I know I know I will be busy soon … but when I be free :crazy_face:

i have it, too busy playing stardew valley and wc3tft tho

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I somehow start to like more retro vibe :crazy_face:

I play SC2 a lot but haven’t bothered with remastered. Had lots of fun with the original when it was out. I really miss the zerg’s airborne “scourge” unit. Their air force isn’t the same without it.

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I am bored playing sc2 don’t know much about brood war

Brood war was a really good expansion. I was gonna google it to remember exactly why but I won’t bother. Dark Archons are a load of fun.

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I enjoyed the original, played it for a few months. Got kind of decent, but ladder proved too much of a grind.

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