Anyone else here despise sports?

Cause I know do… ■■■■ is boring from top to bottom. I must be lacking in something to not see the excitement.


Me. :raising_hand: Have no interests in watching or playing any kind of sports.


I don’t hate sports like I used to. My husband is a fan. He calls every event “The Big Game”. I do watch the occasional soccer match and/or ice hockey game. It can be entertaining. What I hate is fanaticism. Sports are exhibitions/entertainment, but when people start yelling at each other over it, that’s just dumb. PS: Golf is the worst :blush:


Like, people here are crazy for football.
Bunch of people running for a ball, what do you talking about…?! Of course I understand the psychology behind the thrill and the great business behind all of it but I dont have to participate. :smirk:

in fact i liked playing sports…
when i was in junior high i used to be T.T champ…
other then that i played basketball,badminton,swimming,cycling…
After sz i too despise sports…
i longer dont play 'em…
CUZ i can’t win…
take care… :izakaya_lantern:

I only watch tennis (rarely) and some events in the summer olympics. I was never good at sports but a few years before the illness I started jogging and swimming which improved my mood (but sadly didn’t prevent the illness).

I’m not particularly a fan, but seeing them in real life is a little more exciting.

I’m not anti-sports or anything. They’re just not my thing. I think for society they’re a good thing and bring people of all different backgrounds together,

I despise sports too.


Boring and sad because someone always loses.

I don’t hate sports; they just don’t draw or hold my attention at all.

e-sports is where it’s at. it’s mostly a mental game with e-sports

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They say their is a sport for everyone waiting to be discovered.

I personally love sailing and found shooting relaxing, both of which I’m currently prohibited from doing.

Nah I love sports…makes the time go fast

Basketball and football…and baseball too I love

Hockey soccer aren’t bad either

I like sports less than most guys do. I like to watch a little amateur wrestling. The only American football I watch is the Oklahoma University football games. It can be really intense if you’re emotionally involved in a game and it is close. Many of the guys I’ve hung out with know all about who is getting drafted for what team in professional football. They really keep track of that stuff. The only professional football I watch is the super bowl.

tried playing tennis in the park today but we were mostly fetching a stray ball lol

You have got to love cricket. It is one of the few games where the play stops for tea and biscuits! (In the uk biscuits mean cookies)

I used to watch football and baseball but only if the home teams were playing. If the San Francisco Giants, The Oakland A’s, or the San Francisco 49’rs were playing I would tune in. But I got away from watching sports years ago.

hmmm cookies! mummmumm

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I hate that sports players get paid so much money and rarely give anything back to the community.

A few do. I think mostly tennis players, but here in Australia I can’t think of any.

I’m not much of a sports fan, although I do enjoy watching World Cup Soccer.

I am from America but come from European blood lines.

Michael Schumacher donated US $10 million in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami. There are some out there!