Anyone else can't get fully present to the moment on APs?

I have meditated before I was diagnosed. I remember how it’s like to be fully present to the moment. I can’t get present to the moment on these meds.


In rough terms I haven’t been present ever since I started on olanzapine. But I was when I was only on Latuda!


When I first started taking Abilify, I couldn’t focus on the present. I guess over the years my body got used to the medication. I’m more or less okay, but then I’m still struggling.

Currently, I’m not preoccupied with what I should have done in the past or apprehensive about the future that hasn’t happened yet.

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I think I know what you mean…like you feel kinda spacy…or you don’t have the energy to really be present… I haven’t really felt that way so much on Abilify. On invega I felt like that tho

im on such i high dose of clozaril it interferes with grasping to what is going on around me

pdoc says its sz but i feel its also the meds

Yo poet I have a question. I read you said you were homeless at one point. Are you in section 8 housing? I want to be in that myself

No living with family myself…sorry nomad

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No worries my friend

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