Anybody up for an argument

Jones Soda (Hey, it’s good enough for Dr. Dre…)

I was literally just going to post that.

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Yep, gonna get flagged.

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I’ve drank soda three times my whole life.

A better debate

What should it be called

Soda, pop or coke

We call it soda here

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Where I grew up everything was called coke. Then i moved to NY and this area it’s pop.

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Must be upstate New York because I’m in the nyc area and it’s soda for us!! Albeit Connecticut, I’m still in the area :thinking:

Western New York, Buffalo and area.

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uhh…buffalo for buffalo wings? Idk… I don’t know much about the US.

Why are they called Buffalo wings?

Where does the Buffalo come from?

Its chicken right?

All pork except for bacon is overrated.

Buffalo comes from
The type of sauce

Idk why it’s called buffalo sauce

Yeah it’s chicken :poultry_leg:

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I disagree with all of you!


No you don’t. Admit to it.

:hear_no_evil: LA LA LA LA LA LA LA

Yeah it’s soda for us as well @Jonnybegood.

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You’ve got to be from the south!!! Lol!!

I seriously love this thread LOL

I’m from Louisiana but now unfortunately live in New York! I still call everything coke and can’t find any bluebell!
Food is definitely better in the south
Pepsi sucks
I love my Tex mex
No one understands me when I say I’m fit to be tied (actually I have to repeat myself a lot with my accent)

You must not live in the metropolitan area. I’d say southern food is great too. But so is all our Italian and ethnic foods in the nyc area.

But nothing is as good to me as the food in the northwest!!! Healthy and good :wink:

I want to go to the United States and experience the culture there. It seems to be really nice.

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