Anybody moving?


Has anybody ever moved and had to find new mental health services at their new location? What all do I need to do, like phone ahead search the areas psychiatrists? Do I need to get my records transferred to the new location?


I’m in Canada. When my son moved provinces/states I had a lot of help with getting things transferred. Since his disability wasn’t federal we had to start that all over. My family doctor took him on so all of his notes were faxed to the family doctor. His old early intervention team did a lot of the leg work for me in finding and doing the referral for the early intervention program where I live. Since it can take a long time to get into see someone new I would say the sooner you can get things started the better.

Your current psychiatrist office should be able to help you with finding out what you need to do to have your file transferred to a new psychiatrist. I’m guessing a referral would make the transfer easier.