Anybody ever had a gambling problem?

I’ve just spent the equivalent of $50 on more lottery tickets online. I think I’m on the cusp of having a gambling problem.

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If you see a therapist, talk to them about, it’ll help. But I know what you mean, I would do anything to feel a thrill again even taking up gambling.

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I know I have an addictive personality so I purposely avoid gambling. I’m in a work lotto pool…2 bucks a week, but that’s it for me.


I don’t class me gambling a problem, I class it of testing my luck to make extra money

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i’ve read that gambling is the worst vice

when a man’s body gets too old for womanising and drinking

he can still gamble

i got that from don quixote, make of it what you will :slight_smile:

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the bookmaker always wins

if someone won too much , he would get banned

i just disagree with it on principle

i don’t bet

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Abilify had made some people gamble as a side effect. You’re not on it are you? It so I would speak to your pdoc

Angela has a gambling addiction. Every time I would send her to the bank as soon as she cashed it she would run off to the casino even though we had no money…she would spend every penny on it and come home crying…I used to get really angry about it. she beat it. She finally convinced herself that she never wins when she gambles and just yesterday I sent her to the bank with a $225 check and she came home with the money ! I was so proud of her.


Yes, I’m on abilify. That has me worried. I’ll see how it goes.

I was buying those scratch off lottery tickets for a while. I was getting addicted to them. Any time we went to town I had a strong impulse to buy those tickets. I finally quit all that, and now I stay away from all forms of gambling.


Well. I won the equivalent of $20. So I just bought more lottery tickets online. I want my lottery account to go down to zero, so I can just forget about it. I’m never buying lottery tickets again.

I’m on abilify and don’t really gamble, buy a lottery ticket every week and that’s it. One of the few things I spend money on, so I don’t see it as a problem and it gives me a little hope for the future.

I look as gambling as a TAX, which we all hate paying, think that helps me avoid digging in deep with it.

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I had a boyfriend who gambled. He told me he was interested in computers ( when computers were quite new ) and I thought “Oh, good. He’s developing an interest, a love.” But then I found out he only wanted a computer so he could gamble with it.:cry:

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Here is some info on Abilify gambling, it’s probably not the abilify but it’s good to be aware

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Well, the equivalent of $20 I tried to get rid of won me $8.

So now I have to get rid of $8 :wastebasket:

Yeah, I never do it enough.

Rule with gambling is the house tends to win.