Any sz currently on ritalin? Any dr. willing to prescribe for negative/cognitive symptoms?

Just wondering about asking my doctor that being stable for about a year on antipsychotics if this would be a choice to go on ritalin low dose for me? Anyone else get prescribed ritalin?

I haven’t. My doctor almost gave Adderall to me in the hospital but I got paranoid. She won’t give it to me except for a short amount of time because she said I would eventually get paranoid. I wasn’t even stable at the time lol.

Is there a reason you want Ritalin over Adderall? I thought Adderall is better.

Probably a bad idea…

"Methylphenidate caused a significant increase in positive symptoms that was relatively specific to the schizophrenic patients and was evident even in those with otherwise dormant symptomatology. "


I take adderall. It helps my Irritable mood. I used to get so angry I would throw things at people. The adderall has calmed me so much. I trust my doc knows what she’s doing. It works for me, but that’s just my personal experience.

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Thanks for your responses. It looks like adderall might be the better choice here.