Any day now

It feels like any day now I could completely lose my ■■■■. The stress and anxiety are overwhelming me. I just got my Abilify shot and I’m taking my Haldol, so a part of me says I should be fine. Another part of me says I’m about to lose my ■■■■ and go completely batshit crazy again.

Have you got anything for anxiety?

Buspar. It helps some, but not enough.

Maybe just lie down for a while and put on some anxiety reducing music. That works wonders for me.

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I’m going to bed very soon, going to wake up at 2am to start my day. I’m not hungry, but I should probably eat something first. Maybe just a bowl of cereal. The anxiety will be back in full force when I wake up, and will only worsen throughout the morning.

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Don’t worry too much. Everything will work out slowly, eventually.
You already survived so many bad days and times, this will be easier, eventually.

You just need to stay healthy, plan things out and see what you can do.

You can work any other job too. You have a car, you can Uber, there are things you can do for a month to make more money or work at a call centre? even?

you have a friend helping you out, so in that time during the one month, you can do a bunch of stuff and you’ll see, things work out. Don’t magnify it too much. You are not dying and it is not the end of the world.

Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Try to lay off caffeine?

It really promotes a relaxed demeanor and in the long run it is just as alert and focused.