Any computer savvy folks who can recommend a keyboard?

I need a new keyboard that can register more than three keys at a time. Ideally, it would be wireless, but I’m not married to the idea. Also, Ideally, it can be ordered from Amazon. Does anyone know of a good one?

mechanical or no?

Mechanical? I don’t even know what that means. I would like a number pad though.

mechanical keyboards have a different feel to them but they’re a little bit more expensive. just browse amazon. goodluck

Mechanical keyboards feel better and are good for gaming but they tend to be noisy. Wireless keyboards are not good for gaming due to the latency but they work well for internet browsing and work and such.


I do a lot of writing so I have a couple of expensive mechanical keyboards (thus named because they use mechanical switches under the keys). They feel great when you’re doing a lot of typing. Non-mechanical keyboards use a capacitive membrane. Wireless come with some latency so they are not wonderful for gaming - it’s hard to find a wireless that doesn’t use capacitive membrane.

I learn something new today: Mechanical keyboard. I use Microsoft wireless keyboard and wireless mouse - enough for home users.

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