Any Americans awake right now

It’s 4:18am here in the Midwest

I’m hungry

I would order ihop if

  1. Money grew on trees
  2. It wouldn’t wake up my parents


Just woke up. It’s 5 AM here. 151515

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I see you @Schztuna lol

I was driving to get coffee and there was a flash of light and I was like someone’s taking pictures of me and I got paranoid then it started pouring rain and lightning and my mystery was solved lol

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I feel left out as a European :disappointed:


Heeeeeeeeeeey there my fellow American :sweat_smile:

Glad the mystery was solved and enjoy your coffee!


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It’s almost 5 am here now, doing my night shift

7 am here woke up an hour ago feeling good feeling great but couldn’t go back to sleep

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