Anticipating selling prints of my art next month

Starting the first week in February I will begin selling prints in the record store…I so hope this works…we need the extra money especially because of extra food stamps running out soon…please send me good thoughts.


Did you call the SSA to see how much money you can make?

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no, first I’m going to see if it’s even worth a try yet…if I start really selling a lot I will check it out…right now it’s fine.


That is just great!

I also just got my art for sale on this art webshop. I hope it goes well :slight_smile:

I wish you get lots of prints sold!

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thanks @nimeton I wonder why you were the only person excited for me…I think this forum doesn’t like me or just tired of me…

Your OP got 8 likes. :wolf::wolf::wolf:

Exciting have you thought about Etsy I’m sure you have just wondering :grinning:

thanks @GrayBear I didn’t notice that…I take it back.

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Sending good, supportive vibes friend!

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