Anosognosia: When Someone's Not Aware of Their Symptoms

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It’s interesting that this article differentiates between “Lack of insight” and Anosognosia in that Anosognosia is on a spectrum.

I have seen on other websites that Anosogniosia was actually defined as “Lack of insight”. :thinking:

Now, I don’t know what to believe :thinking: :scream:.

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None of these terms have fixed definitions. Their meaning changes over time like most words.

Anosognosia is a state of not knowing (fully) that you’re suffering from an illness. Insight is broader. Insight has been divided into cognitive and clinical insight, where clinical insight is almost the same as anosognosia - not understanding when one is experiencing symptoms. But you can know you’re ill without recognizing your symptoms, for example. So it’s a spectrum. It varies. And anosognosia is most often used about serious lack of insight (specifically clinical). But they’re probably not used the same way by all kinds of people, either.

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Even normies have limited self-awareness and insight, and a lot of them just assume that they’re ‘right’ regardless of what sort of junk opinions and behaviours they exhibit.

First rule of insight - always assume that you might just be plain wrong.


With Hallucination, there is a significant difference between how you feel,perceive your own self-awareness And how you feel/perceive a new health condition suddenly added to your inner nature that is expresses about what is a Person(s) ,and that occur in the early twenties,adolescence or after the adulthood ,while the scientific world around you cannot see,know or understand what is happens in your inner nature ,and instead imagine that it is just a symptom of a disease be called schizophrenia !

The hallucination
A living,self-contained psychic life for a whole creatures that are not descended from humans or even any creatures that live on other plants !

the current generation has reached the maximum point that the theoretical hypotheses literature can produce,because its available knowledge about the hallucination which has been written in every article /research make it similar to the old human knowledge about genetic,viral and bacterial diseases and their causes 2000 years ago,before discovering of cellular structures ,genes and viruses or even the invention of the microscope !

The current generation cannot distinguish between what is a disease and what is a whole living psychic entity ,what is the self-origin and what is not

when you say " <A nosognosia;when someone’s not aware of their symptoms"
You (not him) are not aware of the feeling/perception data of the characteristic of things that has been located within himself !

you think that,the person feels a symptoms of disease, while in actual fact he is feels /perceives the living existential features of what is a person (s) ,but you do not know how can this happens in the context of the scientific objectivity or according to your information about the nature of the human nature (genetic,chemical or psychology ) !!

so that,hope rests on future generation that refuse to be satisfied with what be said by the current generation !

The way I see it, lack of insight point to a person being unaware of the nature of their symptoms, while anosognosia is an inability or unwillingness to admit that the experiences are clinical and not normal/real

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The behavioral activity of the Hallucination causes the death from mental /emotional exhaustion
It causes intentionally or accidentally killing oneself,lack of caution,excessive negligence (not being careful of risks)
Committing a crime punishable by law,while he losing the conscious will that curbs this behaviors

If there was no care for the citizen ,he will plunge into the vortex of chemical,psychological,mental,behavioral and social crises ,and he will not relieve himself by himself from this affliction,no matter how intelligent he is !

It is illogical to leave all of this and argue about the hallucination being is unreal or delusional ,while the hallucination being is real fact that create the delusional characteristics in the mind’s thoughts ,imagination events ,bring back memories and emotion’s feelings ,which necessarily lead to the behavioral extremism Without existence or activation of objective causes at all (they are not their) !

The term A,B or c is just a diagnostic term in function,it is a means used by Dr. or external observer to distinguish between a sample (person) with or without SZ , then the term’s function expired upon whereas its effect (validity) is ends after it complete its task !

In the other side,this term or other in form /content is not a description of the actual reality of hallucination or the events that operate within the basic nature (chemical/mental) of the citizen which create the sums /details of the famous symptoms

In all ways, for many reasons, the perception nature of the human being con not perceives the hallucination being as a disease or a symptom of any disease Even if the world insist to belief in the contrary !

I find it hard to recognise my paranoia most of the time, starts with ruminations.

If anyone has any tips id love to hear them

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