And it is only May

First off I’ll have to agree with my pastor best to not complain in the winter so maybe you have the right to in the summer! It is 88 here today and it is only May. Good grief. I sulked all day at the so many resumes I sent out to no avail. But tomorrow I am going to mop the kitchen floor and clean all the ceiling fans they are dusty, that’s my plan maybe if I forget about it I’ll get some interviews. I lost ten pounds in April but not anymore yet this month not happy about that either but while I quit smoking over five years ago I am still madly inlove with coffee and chocolate can’t help it. Well, thought I"d say hello. desimb


I put my air conditioner in last week. I was shocked when I saw what the temperature was outside today. It’s going to be a hot summer in Western Pennsylvania.

It is a cold 50 degrees F here today.