An ecological examination of loneliness and social functioning in people with schizophrenia

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Personally, I get annoyed when I have too much contact with real life friends these days. I don’t get lonely. I like my space. Although I might be singing a different tune if I lived alone and not with my parents who give me some social contact.

There were times when I was alone and I was perfectly happy, but there were also times when I was alone and I was miserable. One of the worst times in my life came when I was alone.

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Just realized I have no IRL friends.

…Kind of like it that way.

Everyone I’ve ever known has left me in one form or another.

Friends who weren’t real friends, my dad when I was younger, friendships that fizzled away after psychosis…

I suppose there are times I feel a little lonesome, but I probably wouldn’t be good company anyways.

Well, @Schztuna I can partially agree with you. Friends can tend to expect something from you. They can lean on you. They can have a lot of needs (sometimes).
Hard emotions from the past could make you hesitant to form a new friend.

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