American vs Indian Clozapine

I’ve been on standard clozapine from a local pharmacy for a few years now and it has had some beneficial effect, however I recently tried mail-ordering some clozapine from an internet pharmacy overseas (same dosage) and when I took it I made a nearly miraculous recovery from alot of my symptoms! I also have a speech problem and tthat greatly improved too. I have no idea what was in the stuff they gave me that produced the effect, it was labeled clozapine 50mg and came in bubble packaging of 10 pills each. When I tracked the package while it was en route it originated in Mumbia, India so I assume it was Indian-made clozapine or was at least manufactured in a foreign country. The pills looked exactly the same except it was missing the “50” on one side to label the dosage of the pill. Unfortunately I ran out of pills and had to go black to the old kind as my next shipment hasn’t arrived yet…

The pharmacy I got it from was the Toronto Drug Store -

I ordered 60 x 50mg pills for $40…If you decide to try it make sure you get the express courier service as it’s faster but still takes a very long time to arrive (7-10 days). Regular Airmail takes up to 21 days. You don’t need a prescription as long as you only order a 90 days supply at a time. Some more previous regular airmail orders haven’t arrived at all and the phamacy had to reship them for free so make sure you get the express courier as it is trackable.

Let me know if you try it and it works for you, I can’t imagine how it would have that effect but it was pretty dramatic for me. I also ordered some other clozapine from a different onlline pharmacy that was brand-name clozaril manufactured my Novartis in the UK and trying it had dffierent effect to the kind I had been getting here in America and it made me feel ill, so I would avoid Drug at ( .


That’s great that you found that! When I was on Clozaril, I found it through an Indian pharmacy called ShopEastWest. The quality was ok.

Just a question: are you still having your WBCs checked?



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I’m still having my WBCs checked as I still have a regular prescription for clozapine, I’m still using the regular pills but I’m taking a few of the Indian ones in addition.

I’ve tried ordering more of the Indian clozapine over the internet that worked so well but unfortunately the shipment that arrived isn’t the same stuff, it doesn’t seem to work at all. The label on the back of the bubble packs is different and says it was made in India but it evidently is a different type then what I got before. When I tracked it while it was en-route it said it was coming from New-Delhi rather than Mumbia so maybe it was a different manufacturer. I’m not sure if I’ll ever track down that miracle drug batch ever again. it was in a silver bubble pack of 10 pills each (50mg) with dark purple markings on the back and looked exactly like the American pills execept it didn’t have the “50” stamped on the one size telling the size of the pills.