Does anyone else shop on They have EVERYTHING.


I just bought all these books from them because if your order is more than $35 you get free shipping and otherwise the shipping would have been $20 alone. So I kept buying books. It turns out two of the books my mom already has.Oh well :smile: But yeah they do have everything. :sunny:

I have some bad experience with I ordered twice some books and paid the price and shipping fees. But I did not receive either of books . Don’t know what happened to my orders. But I did not call them for this issue. Just bored with such a company.

I have never used Amazon. If I need a book, I go to the public library or I just read materials on the net. I used to have a lot of books, but I had to leave these behind. Of course, reading books could help me to pick up new words, but why to bother?

I always use Amazon - big customer here

me too. This year I got Prime which for the price o $70 annually gives you free second day shipping as well ask access toall the movies and Kindle lending library. It’s a bit expensive to have Prime but in the long run it really saves you money…and you can buy a single small item and not worry about paying shipping or trying to come up with a $35 order just to get the free shipping…I love my Kindle Fire—I got it from my husband for my Birthday and Christmas. (my birthday is in December also).
Between Amazon and my grocery store which has online ordering and delivery, I do not very often have to leave my house. I do like to get out but often my health does not permit that so I’m blessed by these sites.

I use Amazon UK but rarely buy books because i don’t read much. I think it’s because i’m not into focussing on something like a book for extended periods.
I am very much one of those who flits from web page to web page and doesn’t stay concentrated on anything for very long. I think years of surfing the net are largely reasonable for this.

My sis a all about

My sis HATES malls too. She will do her Amazon for christmas in November and we never go near a mall during the holidays.

I’m learning Amazon. She even gets out toothbrushes from Amazon because the market keeps running out of the ones she likes.

I do almost all of my Christmas shopping on amazon every year. I love amazon.

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I use Amazon for everything…even bought my vacuum cleaner there.

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Sometimes I wonder if my internet habits have changed my thought processes too.

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Yeah, I bought my vacuum there too.

I’ve purchased items on every now and then.

Took me one month to get my books. :angry:

Now I deal with Barnes And Noble online. :books:

Just been watching videos courtesy of Amazon prime.