Am I relapsing?

Yesterday was a giant wad of weirdness. My doctors office computers werent working. Things kept just not lining up and everything was a hassle. I had this weird feeling like my brain twitched at one point. Never had that before. I took a nap and in my dream I genuinely thought I was awake and I kept thinking I was going crazy. I was running around the halls of my old college majors department and was seeing double. Then when I went to bed I kept waking myself up because my brain felt fuzzy and would freak me out. When I dreamed I dreamt i was lying in the same spot and a demon was trying to enter the back of my head. And when it did i tried to get my sage stick slowly. I kept thinking if I move too fast they’ll kill me. Again I thought this was real at the time. Then I heard a car screeching towards my room (my room is fairly close to a busy road) and I heard a man screaming. I woke up like I had just closed my eyes to be hit and opened them to calm “reality”. It was a strange experience and I’m not sure what’s real now…

Have you ever had hypogogic hallucinations/night terrors? This sounds similar to my experiences with them. They are very unsettling.

Oh yeah I used to get them all the time, and sleep paralysis. Luckily in getting a sleep study done soonish

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hopefully, that gives you some answers

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Did you ever have one?

I have one scheduled for next month. I’m hoping it will tell me why I never sleep more than three hours at a time

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