Am I considered tall?

I have been measured as tall as 6 ft 1. Would this be considered tall?

Yes thats a tall height

yes, but about typical for men

I think my dad and brother are about that.

by the way, my brother didn’t grow until 11th grade in high school

he was always real short, even destroyed his basketball career

do you think it has something to do with what they were putting in milk?

I stopped growing in about 9th grade, when I started my period.

I really dont know

I grew until 21 but that is unusual


6’1 is a good height but I have to say that I think 6’3-6’5 is the beginning of tall.

I think I consider myself above average. I had a guy in my class that was 6 ft 5 and he really stood out.

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My family Dr is so tall he has to duck under the door frame

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This is so exciting, comparing heights is always something I enjoy :kissing_heart:

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and yours?

and thanks for staying, by the way.

… They didn’t annon my account

As i say if they don’t annon it I will stay here and be sarcastic.

I don’t know what that means

you’re welcome here

do you feel not?

Dont worry I’m home here, i feel like I belong almost anywhere. I adapt quickly.

Yeah, I will probably stay and be nice. Or come and go

I’m 183cm btw

can’t do the math


need something in front of me.

I had to google it

its says 6 feet

I bet

that’s good

My mother is small, but I got some height.

How much? 5 something?


my mother and daughter are 5’3

her husband is about 6’3

I think that the taller you are, the more intelligent you are
but not sure if that holds water.