Almost Perfect Description: Orions

Came across this website and it basically describes me. Except for the feelings part, everything fits.

I DO have feelings and intense ones, as well as emotions, but what I notice is that something that might make someone cry immediately I will seek to wrap my mind around and only end up crying about it days or even weeks later. Almost like the trauma that caused the emotion has to sink in and be understood it really happened, then it hits me much later.

Now, what is really cool is about 16 years ago I was visited by Orions in an astral and bilocation type experience. They told me many things, including physics, and about Native american and Egyptian connections to Orion. In the 90s I knew very little of this, and no details at all. But over the years I have come to find out it is all true, from the pyramids being aligned with Orions belt in Egypt, Central America, and other places, to the beliefs that Orions were some of the gods and even creators.
I had been given detailed ‘memories’ of all this 16 years ago.

I even remember one of the Orions crying and how they explained it was rare for them to do so unless something very emotional was being experienced and built up.

Actually for the ancients this wouldn’t have been an unusual belief at all. Civilizations built great monuments to honor Orion, and believed we, or at least some of us originally came from there:

This explains: