All the right moves

Continuing the discussion from The mistakes I’ve made as a sibling:

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time… Focusing on what has been done right…

There were some simple things that happened that really made my life easier. Just some little things that made a huge difference in my ability to get where I am today… I give you a dozen

:rose: Just rolled with it when I ranted on and on about kidnappers and trackers. Studied the maps and made an honest effort to try and understand what I was saying

:rose: Held my hand many times and said, “It’s Ok J… I believe you.” :relieved:

:rose: Hung out with me quietly when I was too far in my head to talk. But I knew you were out there patiently waiting. You even read to me when I wasn’t reading any more. (with sound effects and finger puppets)

:rose: Wasn’t afraid of me when I got out of hospital and treated me the same as you always did

:rose: Wasn’t ashamed of me in front of your friends

:rose: Took on the huge responsibility of looking after me day to day when I couldn’t figure out to take my meds, clean my apartment, pay my bills, do laundry, cook for myself…

:rose: Would take time to visit me and ask if I needed anything and would bring me socks.

:rose: Paid attention to me and knew what was going to bother me and never directly forced me into a bad situation.

:rose: Never said you were going to do something and then didn’t do it.

:rose: Stayed patient with my panic attacks and didn’t get mad at me for all my public awkwardness.

:rose: Weren’t afraid to ask the awkward questions or start the conversation when everyone else at the table was too embarrassed to ask.

The most important for last…

:rose: :hibiscus: :cherry_blossom: Told me many times I was still your friend and you still liked hanging out with me. You told me you were proud of me when I tried to change for the better.


Beautiful. :crying_cat_face: I hope kid sis prints this and reads it whenever she is beginning to doubt herself. :heart:


That one about 'That’s ok, I believe you ," is priceless. I remember when I was hospitalized I freaked out about having my blood pressure taken and instead of forcing me, the doctor just said “that’s alright”. I was very grateful for that.


After my quick list here, it inspired me to write it out in a nice card and give it to her with a dozen roses. :blush: