AI pictures

I like it! It’s literally cool.
:)) I asked AI to generate my pics and that as what I got


Are you really that beautifull person ???

Well it’s generated by AI. I look a bit different from these :smiley:

Not to be an ass but it’s not really creative using a software program to make images. Like no offence but wasn’t it decided that art is created by the individual here at least?

Honestly I’m getting sick of my facebook feed because for some reason they are always publishing pics of stars but they aren’t real. It’s all ai generated stuff and it’s annoying for me.

I know what you mean;

I just tried doing this for fun @rogueone

I also agree that pictures of movie or popstars generated by AI is annoying

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hey no problems…wasn’t being critical but for me put it in the lounge and not creativity is my point. We have many wonderful artists here so just trying to keep those people to the fore…Apologies if I came across as an ass!

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I believe now I have no power to change it into lounge :frowning:
It’s ok! I understood what you mean

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Yeah needs a mod after replies. No offence but we’ve run into this before and it’s quiet time on the boards.

I had to edit cause they were screen shots but I did some of me. I like the female ones. My dad is full blooded Italian and the chicks kinda have an Italian look. The two originals as well.

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Literally cool!! @ericsbat

I really like the last one :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Thanks yeah I’ll post one as a male. They’re goofy though.

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Big ears and a jaw line. Lol idk. I look like a giant penis. I’m done though. That was fun.

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