Again I feel like ppl don’t like me here

I maybe overthinking it but that’s just how I feel. I feel like i’m Always negative and that makes people not like me but I just post things of how I feel and what’s going on with me. I’m sorry.

Just keep in mind there’s a difference between not likeing you and not knowing how to help you.

I like you. But I’m out of ideas to offer help if you’re not willing or able to take what’s offered.

Who says i’m Not willing to take help though?

I said willing or able.

I suggested you try a different ap, you shot that down. I suggested getting a new doctor, no again.

That’s all the advice I have. And none of it was useful so I stopped replying. That’s probably the same advice anyone would give. So that’s probably why you’re not getting more replies.

But i’m Not talking about that last post. I’m just saying in general I feel like ppl don’t like me on here.


A lot of us feel that way sometimes. I’ve found, as with most forums, you get what you put in.


I go through phases of darkness and my posts get very negative. My paranoia makes me feel unliked. Try not to overthink things. And respond to people who are reaching out to you.


Your good. I read a lot and some posts I don’t respond on if others are providing assistance. I’d rather not complicate things but never had problems with your posts and think your probably overthinking things. Paranoia gets to me sometimes too. I sometimes start chasing shadows.


Youre overthinking. I sometimes think people are annoyed at me if they dont respond. Keep in mind with text based communication its hard to tell what people think of you behind the screen, and that leaves a lot of room for interpretation, and your mind will play tricks on you with that uncertainty.

In short youre good, dont sweat it


Thank you @zwolfgang @FatMama @rogueone @LED i’m Trying my best not to over think it. I just came out of psychosis i’m Trying to stay calm and not lose my temper as well. @LED sorry if a came out to strong towards ya.


You’re great, you’re fine, people love you here, blah, blah, blah. Everybody feels how you feel. In my experience, there are very few people who are disliked by everyone, if any. Everybody has their fans and enemies. But being liked is often a fluid thing where some people like you sometimes and sometimes they don’t. I read your posts and I’m just trying to say, relax, you’re fine.


Thanks @77nick77 for keeping it real! :100:

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Maybe their just jealous of your longhorns :metal:

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I know exactly how you feel @Longhorn21

I was putting it down to being off my AP with 9 days but then again I get the same thoughts when I’m on it :unamused:

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@anon31257746 that just put a big smile on my face thanks!

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I’m still taking my AP it’s just not working

No worries. I come off strong all the time. I totally understand. :heart:

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