After how long and for how long do you feel bad after taking your AP?

I take abilify at 9pm because it makes me sleepy now that I have given up coffee :coffee:

Edit: Is there any reason you can’t take your AP before going to bed ?


I’m taking it before going to bed, I just wanted to know for how long other people were knocked out by their APs.

nice going @everhopeful, do you find that you have adjusted to no coffee ?


Yes. It was 2 weeks of hell though. I just drink decaff now out of habit.


Zyprexa makes me drowsy not sleepy.
I take it at night but could take it on day.

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I feel drowsy about an hour after taking my clozaril and trilifon. I take trilifon 2x a day and clozaril at night. The trilifon doesnt make me drowsy as much as the clozaril does.


I take invega sustena 117mg and some days I feel really bad but lately its been mostly good days