Affective symptoms in schizophrenia are strongly associated with neurocognitive deficits indicating disorders in executive functions, visual memory, attention and social cognition

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Damn fire monkey this ■■■■ sounds like me

I dont seem to suffer from very many cognitive problems. I have flat affect though. Its not as bad as it used to be.

I have blunted affect from the meds but would have full range of emotion sans the depression were it not for the meds.

That sucks that the meds affect you like that. Im somewhat suspicious that my meds do the same thing to me because I felt like I had more emotion when I was psychotic.

Well they d finitely make my facial expressions flat.
It’s someth By that I’m always aware of because I have trouble smiling at people and I’m told that I look pissed off. I’m definitely jot happy on these types of meds. I had negative symptoms for ten years and it turns out that it was only depression.

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