Advocacy, is it all or nothing

Have any of you had to be in the position were you feel you are spending most of your time advocating for yourself?

My mother was a casework and never quite advocating. She lost jobs over it. I have the fear that I might end up in the same position when/if I become public about my sza. I respect what my mom did, but I don’t know if I would be up to it.

I think people who speak up about their experiences are brave. It is a hard thing to do.


Yes it seems like most people want to look at the mentally ill like it’s their fault. Fear of the potential that they could become mentally ill themselves. There is a lot of delusion and stigma.

On the other hand mental illness has always been here and won’t go away until we master the physiology of the brain. People should be more understanding.

Sometimes it seems best to just not talk about it. Definitely will get in your way if your open in public getting a job or even just hanging with friends.

It does become more casual when your on the road to recovery.

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I was for my son…luckily, my job has been pretty supportive.

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I dont think telling anybody is a good thing.I dont think people think its contagious but when a “true” schizophrenic that is not in the process of beheading someone is presented to them and that person seems normal like them it causes introspection that can be scary for anybody. I honestly believe that many people have a certain degree of mental affliction by societies definition…they call it idiosyncrasies.

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I think just by surviving caregivers and those with sz advocate every day. So I don’t think it is all or nothing. Everyone does their part in some way. Some just do more than others. Posting on this forum is a form of advocacy, so I think we’re all brave here.


i suppose having support is a good thing, think society needs to do more to rid the stigma regarding mental health…but having said that i havent told anyone about my illness.

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I advocate like hell. I’m in a study that is going to be published within a few months under my real name. I am open about having a severe case of chronic paranoid schizophrenia and doing well despite it.

Someone has to set the bar. Our generation (I’m 21) needs some individuals to make schizophrenia look good. I’m in school, doing everything I can to prepare for graduate school. I like it at the end of the day. It beats doing nothing.

At the end of the week, wow. At the end of the year, wow. Wow.


For ages, my Mom and Dad took care of everything and I feel like I was just along for the ride. I didn’t pay attention to what was going on around me too much.

But lately… I do advocate for myself more. I try to better communicate with my doc and my therapist… I try to be more independent… I try to work with my doc when it comes to meds… rather then just stop taking them.

As far as telling other people… I seem to go in phases… sometime I tell no one and even deny it. Other times I blab it out there. I guess it depends on the day.


I think it takes a group ( large one ) to make things happen…I want to build an army.

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