Acoustic RockNRoll Original 8-10-16

Here is the one from the lyrics i posted the other day :slight_smile:


Ooh in my city of midnight i never walked right but found the wonder of a dream in streetlights…
Ooh in my city of midnight wont ya let sight of the truce between the river define in reliance .
ooh theres fire in my heart baby that let your love be flying.
Theres a soul in your singing that lets your love be sky.
If you say it lately you say its only the blues
But if you take your love down to my city youll know I love you.

Flyin high in the light of your eyes.
I run thru the winds, i run thru the rains and the sting of hurricanes for your love.
I’ll say to the winds and the fires of zen theres no other of burning suns
For your Love, so true, yes i love you.

Baby ive found the wonder of light in the midnight where the race to the sun means nothin.
Where i take my heart to my city said let your love be flying, let your love be mine.
Ive never seen the stars mean more than in the night of sight that reach the fire of highs in your eyes…
So love me baby, dreams mean lately to hear im the only one.


love it! that really gets your heart beating.

True talent.

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Great video, this isn’t my cup of tea but I can appreciate talent

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ty :slight_smile: i dont think many like my hillbilly tunes but most appreciate ive worked at it :slight_smile:

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i wish i could write like these guys

Fug it 151515151515

@HuckFinn i think ur really talented and u spread such positive energy from ur music.


nah, you are totally in their league. Your style and sound reminded me of them.

So this is on You tube?

Do you want me to plug you on my blog and on Linked In, or would you rather not?


Wow! Really GREAT! :grin:

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Always feel free to share sure :grinning: ty

alright, can I say my friend with schizophrenia, or not?

I’d prefer not to say that at this point

yes, ok, I’ll say My Friend.

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Ty @Daze I appreciate the support

Done. I’ll let you know responses, likes, or hits. It takes a couple of days.

Ty @Hedgehog I appreciate it :grinning:

Ty @anon7022989 you’re very sweet :grinning:

16 views so far on Linked In, and 4 views on my blog. Will update later.

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