Abnormal feelings

i got rid of abnormal feelings

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i put them in the rubbish bin

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I do that too, constantly. Each time I have an abnormal feeling (and beware, they will come back at some point, at least for me they do) I just imagine a rubbish bin called SZ and put them there. After a few months of doing this exercice, I found myself with less and less abnormal feelings and with a greater capacity to recognize them and cope with them.

Thank you for this post, @pedro27 Made my day to see someone else visualises things the way I do. :sunny:

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What do you mean by “abnormal feelings”? I tend to think all feelings are “normal” - though sometimes they may be socially inappropriate (e.g. laughing at a funeral).

rubbish bin for abnormal feelings, disgard them is the only way forward…i choose my feelings now

Laughing at a funeral is a behaviour, not the feeling itself. Feeling humorous when your closest friend died might be a sign you’re getting into mania, thus abnormal (except for the situation where your dear friend asked you to be so and made a very good joke about his death, you just remembered …or something).

Abnormal are the feelings you tend to have when , for example, you suffer of persecution mania: you seem to not recognize the triggers correctly and feel menaced by people who offer you their hand and trust towards people that smile in derision. It’s hard to explain, but I would definitely call them abnormal, political corectness aside.

Well, do choose and choose them wisely, it’s a loong road towards identifying the feelings that are adapted to a certain situation and telling them apart from feelings triggered by SZ. To me, it still gives me headaches only when I think that most of my feelings of anger or revolt or distrust are just the result of my mania. It is so hard to acknowledge that some of your feelings are not actually yours, so to speak.

My thoughts are with you, please be wise with your new found ability. :smile:

is it a big bin or a small bin?
take care