Abilify has given me 'diabetes' - get blood tests people

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My hbac1 blood test is a whopping 60, normal is up to 40

What do I do now? Take anti diabetic meds or quit abilify? Probably the anti diabetic meds.

Get those blood tests people!

I am sorry to hear that you developed Diabetes, Abilify is usually not a big offender.

I take Risperdal a big Diabetes inducing drug, but still am controlling my blood glucose levels - I eat low carb and exercise - walk everyday, I also take Metformin.

Any side effects to metformin?

Maybe some bathroom issues /stomach upset when first taking it, but not a big deal - its a good medication.

I am on the higher end - 2000mg but you might not have to go up that high.


My tests have gone from high to normal to very high. I was off meds for a while. Also liver tests are coming back a little bit off. Just a little. This is how it starts really.


The plot thickens. It may be an interaction between abilify and another non AP med that I was on. Will have to wait 3 months to retake blood test. Have just stopped the other med anyway. It doesn’t make sense that my tests went from normal to ultra bad in such a short time.

Zyprexa was the drug that got me worried about developing diabetes. When I was on that drug I craved sugar. I also wanted to sleep a lot, and I was mildly depressed. I got off it before I got type II diabetes.

I thought you couldn’t catch diabetes, that it was more hereditary?

AP induced diabetes is common enough.

I’m on Metformin too… the Seroquel and the blood sugar… not good.

I haven’t noticed any side effects…

My doc is happier about my blood sugar levels.

I hope you feel better soon

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I took ability for 2 years and gained 50 pounds. Quitting that med was one of the toughest things I’ve done in my life. Good luck with your decision. Exercise helps.

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It evidently happens often enough that ambulance chasers are onto it.

What is your Abilify dosage, and how long have you been taking it?

It was not a big offender for me at least, my blood glucose levels were normal

I’m just going to wait for the next test in 3 months. there was a lot of moving variables this time. I had come off abilify, then went to 5mg then to 7.5mg then to 10 mg, then generic 10mg, I had normal blood tests 3 months ago, but was also on other non AP medication for about a month and a half.

Low doses, then.

What was that? (It could play a role in this.)

AND the test could be false positive, as well. (Some manufacturers’ versions of the hbac1 are notorious for that.)

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I’d rather not say what else I was on in case I could be identified. But like I said, I’ll wait for 3 months. just taking abilify now at 10mg. if they come back the same in 3 months, then I’ll just have to suck it up and deal with it. it’s not the end of the world, now that the shock has worn off.

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