A very 'simple' lifestyle

Do some of you cope by living a very ‘simple’ lifestyle ? A lifestyle that is very basic compared to most people.


My lifestyle is very simple I go to work put extra money in the bond and as long as all the bills are paid and I have a bit extra Im happy dont need much more, living very low key and happy with results

I farm and it can be very stressful at times. But other than that it’s as simple a lifestyle as you can get, but my voices come faintly when I’m stressed with something on the farm so it’s obviously not simple enough. I’m pondering quitting farming so the voices don’t come back, what do you think? (It’s not that economically viable either)

I dont think farming has anything to do with the voices, I think theres stress in all jobs so it would probably be the same if you quit, rather see if you can get the right med combo to help with your symptoms

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I don’t know what to do. I would be quitting all work and living on disability if I was to quit. There’s no way I could farm with voices, the work is too hard.

Are you on medication at the moment? Is it helping?

Oh yes, immensely. It just isn’t powerful enough to keep the voices at bay when really stressed. Before medication my life was miserable

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yeah my life is simple, but its all ive been able to muster with my delusions, paranoia and avolition.

My life is in no way simple but I try my very best. I find I thrive off stress which isn’t the best because sometimes it causes psychosis. I really really like stress lol.

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I moved from my apartment because I was being tormented by urges/visions to jump from my balcony/stairs. I now live in a camper (no balcony or stairs).

I also hadn’t done my dishes/cleaned my apartment in a year+, so I threw them all away (if no dishes, no dirty dishes either), I had all my things piled up in my apartment and now all my things are in storage. (Can’t be a mess if there’s nothing to make a mess with).

Everything is a little easier to manage, I still have a lot of negative symptoms but my brain is much calmer/quiet in my camper.

All I have in my camper:

  • George
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • T.V. etc.
  • Appliances to heat food
  • Journals
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I’m a complex person, but yeah, I try to keep it simple.


I’d say my life is slightly more complex than most not necessarily by choice

I lead a simple life. I’m hoping that will change in the future and that I’ll be able to do more challenging things.

I tried to have a life with material pleasures, but with how sick I’m it gets farther and farther… Anyway, now-a-days I live in a small apartment,I have a car, enough clothes and shoes, get help from family for misc, a laptop electronics,food, a bed, and coffee I’m good to go! I just need enough to live and survive the luxurious things don’t matter to me no more. Oh and most important, meds.

I’ve watched videos on You Tube about people who choose to live in cars, truck campers, small closed box trailers, vans, etc. They are all happier than when they lived in a house or apartment. I think the simplicity you cited(if no dishes, no dirty dishes, etc.)removes stress, and the people in videos even say that. Some start doing it to save money but choose to keep doing it even after their income increases. If I were single I would totally consider it.


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Totally. And very routine. I have my set times to take meds both morning and night and find that a structured life is good for schizophrenia.

I live a pretty simple life.

I get my knickers in a knot easily but thankfully get help with things like beauracracy or communicating with some like insurance etc

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