A thread about poop

Then that’s me. Yep, nothing like a nice sprinkle of rainbows, around my neighbor’s yard. Prance about and such.


To share the gift of poop among friends of societies is to share a medicine to make one think about, “Mmmmmmm :d what am I? No really? I will learn because I take poop everyday like one of the poop pals, the friends.”


Please stay out of my yard @Cici2. I don’t want enchanted worms. The crappies don’t like them then. :slight_smile:

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Lol… ok, I’ll make sure to note that next time I need to spread my shimmering poo.

I just pooped…!!! Its kind of irregular…!!!

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Have you tried eating bananas?

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I just ate a pair of banana… @Cici2 whats happening in your life…!!!

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Oh just got put on Geodon. I’m sleepwalking again. Don’t know if it’s the medicine. Could be.

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I can have green poop any time. If I eat a complete package of Liquorice, I will days after end up with green poop. Liquorice looks black, but in actual fact it is a deep deep dark green.

Anyhow, just wondering if you ate some Liquorice.