A thread about poop

I didn’t want to post this on here but I can’t find any answers :weary::weary: My poop is suddenly green?!? Very startling. I’d noticed it became more yellow since starting depakote. When I first started depakote it gave me digestive issues where I’d feel like I’d have to “go” RIGHT AWAY, but then when I’d get to the bathroom nothing would come out so I’d just be dying. That urge feeling went away but I do still have trouble passing sometimes.

I read that it was just due to some things not being absorbed/digested but I need to know if this is like a thing other people have experienced on depakote or not. I probably need to bring it up w my doctor but I feel so awkward. Also it is definitely not dietary, I can assure you I have not be chugging back vegetables :joy: Nothing in my diet has changed.

Also if anyone else is having poop problems feel free to post them in this thread inconspicuously. I’ll take one for the team by putting this out there lol.

I understand why that could be awkward. I hate having to stand in the doctor’s office holding a jar of my own urine and waiting for the nurse to come pick it up.

I’d feel the same way. But this is your health. And if it helps, I think doctors talk about poop all the time. They tend to be very clinical people. And once you understand what poop really is, like can name most of the stuff inside it, it isn’t’ exactly fun to think about, but it feels less gross.

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I vomited at work last week, no one else heard or saw. Nothing particularly interesting about that but I figured that the theme is gross body functions.


I think you should move to Emerald City.


Stay away from that OOPPS All Berries cereal then!

Other stuff:
Anything iron fortified or full of different colored food dyes

Gatorade is always fun to give to little kids. I know cucumber lime will do green pee but I think thete other kinds too.

I grew up in large family and helped raise some of my nieces and nephews. So yup, kids know all the odd stuff like that. And we cant stop them from yelling us about it either.

Little kids are amazed at these things happening. (Hide the glitter)


Lack of bile, consuming iron supplements, eating green colored food or drinks, stomach bug,

I’m on Depakote, it doesn’t cause green colored stools.
Yellow colored stools are more common with Depakote use.

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If you poop rainbows, it means you’re a unicorn. :unicorn: :smile:


Why would I be lacking bile :scream::scream:

None of the rest of that applies. AhhhhHhHhHh.

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Anna did you Eat too many fruit loops again?

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A horse apple a day will show you who your real friends are. :wink:

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I will bookmark this thread for more info. Thank you!

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Did you drink green koolaid or eat green jello? give it time someimes our foods have food coloring in it. if it keeps going on despite change of diet get a stool sample done.

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Leftover roast beast on the 3rd day does this to me.

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Some of these replies oh man :joy::joy: figured I’d be opening myself up to that


Roast beast lol :laughing:

It could be anything from eating a can of spinach to having a nasty bacterial infection such as pseudomembranous colitis. Whether to seek help depends on one’s other symptoms if any.

In case if diarrhea gastroenteritis, clostridium difficile is one of culprits associated with recent antibiotic use. The classic sign of an upper gastrointestinal bleed is dark blackish tarry stool called “melena.” It is usually looser, sticky and has a characteristic smell. Dark green stool usually related to diet rich in green vegetables.

The color of stool varies with foods, speed of emptying of the GI tract, medications & supplements ingested, gut flora (unique for each individual), additives (like blood), subtractions (like absent bile), infection, inflammation and other factors.

If a normal, healthy person has unusual changes in stool consistency, color, or frequency, s/he should record the symptoms on a large calendar, and review it with his or her primary care doctor. Include on the calendar what foods were eaten each time the stool got green, what activities were done, what meds were taken, what drinks, etc…sometimes gall bladder problems cause changes in stool color.

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Anna. Have any of your stools been hard to flush away? This can indicate fat in the stool and can be a result of the gall bladder dysfunctiong.

Other times green poo can be from a high dairy diet.

If you are otherwise ok I wouldn’t worry. Green stool often is an isolated experience. But is worth getting it checked out just to be sure.

If I remember right an ultrasound provides the gold standard in assessing your bile tract. Or a ct scan. They will likely do your bloods too.

Any colic after eating fatty foods?

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Actually maybe I do have a bug because since then I’ve been having diarrhea :weary: Ugh. Not green anymore though. Anyways. Bah. Gives me mild paranoia I’m destroying my gut with these medications. Ulcerative colitis runs in my family and I wonder if this is increasing my risk for getting it even more. Though honestly I’m probably doomed to get it anyhow considering both my mom and my dad’s mom have it.

Don’t have any advice for you sorry. I get stopped up a lot, that’s my main issue with poop. lol