A story of my cat Minx

It was the end of 2000 in Miami and I talked alone that I had had to leave my house without any of my cats. I lived in my automobile then. In the next morning I went to the beach of Miami Beach and met two alcoholics who had been feeding a little cat and they asked if I can take this cat. And so I did take the cat to my auto. I started calling this creature Minx. This started Minx’s adventure. I drove around Miami having Minx with me. And then I decided to drive my auto from Miami to Los Angeles. And so I did drive 3.5 days with Minx to LA where we stayed one month. Minx had learned to live in my auto with me and when I whistled Minx followed me. When we came to the border of California, an inspection person asked If I had any mints to which I responded ‘no’, I had only this Minx. After one month in LA in my auto I decided to drive back to Miami and so we, I and Minx, drove through many states and eventually arrived at Miami. Then we started living in Miami occasionally going to Key West to fish with my throw net. And the year passed and I decided to travel to Europe. Minx could not do this and so I taught Minx to live with other cats on the campus of South Florida International University. Nice people did feed these cats and Minx learned to live with other cats. The last time I saw Minx was a month before I travelled to the EU. Minx may still be alive with other cats. Minx was so nice and learned to follow my whistles.


When I had to leave my house in Atlanta in 2000 I had to leave behind three cats: Harma, Pinnochio and Monte. I never know what happened to these cats.

Anyway after coming to Europe and back to my little town almost exactly 12 years ago things started happening. I visited sometimes the farm where my grandmother was from. They had many cats. Then once when I and my father visited this farm, they gave us another cat, Make. Make lived with us in one house over seven years and he was a house cat. Occasionally I let Make outside, but some neighbours complained about Make. So Make lived in the house most of his living years, because after seven years I had to take Make to a vet to end Make’s life, because I knew I had to leave the house again and Make could not come with me. Make was also a nice cat.

The name Make was my nickname in my childhood and I used this name, Make, in one of my postings on the Usenet in May 1999 without identifying myself at all. A day after my posting one person left a voicemail message to me and used this name ‘Make’. I knew they had been spying on my unidentified Usenet messaging. This was long time before Snowden’s revelations in 2013, basically 14 years earlier. I was 31 years old then, Snowden is at this age today I suppose.

I am a cat person and I like cats.

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Didn’t you say you had done some things that might cause the powers that be to spy on you?

hey im a cat person to :smile: one of my cat ran away and i cried like a 6 years old praying to god like i never did lol