A Poem: Worry

Why is there always
Something to worry about?
Or am I just doing
Something wrong.


It’s just life I guess. Nobody has a carefree excistence. Even if you don’t give a damn.


If there was nothing to worry about
Life wouldn’t go on
Because there would be nothing to fix
And God may have called you home

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I have had worry. Worse before than now. I agree, I would worry about anything, and there was always something to worry about. Who knows why people get symptoms like this?

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Worry worry worry. I worry about everything, all the time. I worry about worrying too much. Every time I need to do anything, I worry about it. Do I really need to do it? Do I need to do it now? What if l dont do it? Is it the best time to do it? On and on. I’m worried about writing this. People will think I’m a moron. I’m worried I’ll close this wrong. :confused:

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