A Poem: Why

O life,
Why don’t you
Just give me
What I want?


Good morning and it is a good step if you know what you want at least :smile:
Hope your diet is going well!

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So far so good ! I’ve lost 1kg in a week. I just want to lose 10kg in a year.

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wow … good luck and I am happy to hear.
… Really 10 kg in a year! :scream: I do not have that kind of patience :slight_smile:

I already lost 5 in 30 days so another 10 to go till October (my birthday) … or even sooner.
today morning when I weighed myself, I had lost another pound; by friday it should be another pound less.

You’re doing incredibly well. Are you just calorie counting at the moment ?

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No, I am being myself. with very little alcohol and snacks. I do not even count calories.

Like a banana and a yogurt for breakfast; vitamins for lunch with a fruit salad :smiley: and a healthy salad with protein for dinner to take my pill (around 500 calories)

I drink soya cappuccino as a snack or have some peanuts etc… hmmmm and if I eat out or go out, I eat the exact 40% of the plate.

The weight is just melting since switching to Geodon + I am trying my best to do exercise

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