A Poem: TV

O man on the TV,
Did your mother dress you,
Because your tie’s not straight,
Maybe you’d prefer to be a woman.


I have never understood poetry. I am probably to shallow. I am happy for your creativity. Do you mind to explain to me the message of your poem? I would much appreciate it, I would not feel so stupid… thanks :tulip:

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I was feeling a bit petty while watching TV, and just because this guys tie wasn’t straight, I thought ‘what’s the point in dressing up in a suit at all if you can’t get it right’. Women don’t wear ties, so I imagined myself asking him if he wanted to be a woman so he wouldn’t have to worry about his tie.

But yeah. Not my best poem! :smile:

Heh brilliant! Thank you😊 since I was a youngster I wished for being able to express myself in more creative and impressive way. But well, I am young, beautiful and in good (physical) health. You cannot have it all, lol… (there you go, how shallow am I…) Keep it up. I don’t come here regularly but always try to read creative column. All the best🌻

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I’m not sure if what @everhopeful writes is poetry…more like…

‘disturbed apple pie filling’.


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Yes, I prefer that term!

I do agree, apple pie also makes the world more beautiful :blush:

I do a silly 4 line ‘poem’ every night. It just helps me clear my mind of some issue.