A poem by Me

I’ve been hurt
I have scars
That I can’t undo
I have wounds
That I can’t reverse
Time helps
So does my medicines
But in the end I wonder sometimes
Why did they do that to me
Because if it didn’t help
It was probably best not done at all.
Melancholy autumn’s pass by.
And solemn springs.
Summer hits.
And winter again.
All over.
I’m arguing with one voice “no I’ll study”
Another “yes one day on my own”
Or “Maybe I’ll just settle down”
I told myself I’d be meditating on a rock
In the woods
With a peregrine falcon overhead
And a slithering serpent over by
The hollering flowers in the wind
But further goes I say
That accomplishes nothing but why
Do I really need to save the world?
Tell me god what is my fate
If it is checks and stamps. Or mom and dad. Either way tell me now.
To save me from the agony.
Liberate me from this torture.
This trap.
Maybe I already have the key.
I must make it solid again.


Very good @Jonnybegood!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @wave probably gonna write some more like this!!

Speaking of which where is @disciple gone?

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I don’t know where @disciple is?
He is surely missed.

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@Jonnybegood @Wave Hey guys. Just taking a break for now. I read a little here and there but haven’t been posting. All is well though. Thanks for asking about me.

Nice poem, Gratitude!


i like your poetry @Jonnybegood thanks

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