A Poem: Beaten

You know the disease
Has you beaten
When you’re just
Looking forward to sleep.


Many times I look forward to taking my meds :disappointed:

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Look Forward…, To Sleep…, For Another Attempt…, Another Day…, Filled…, With Dreams… . … :pensive:

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Hey dude I recited your poem, ‘Today’ to my mother and she said: ‘That’s REALLY funny’. I wish you could see her face bc it helped bring levity to an argument!at the time.

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if only schizophrenia was beaten,
by the love and care,
then maybe id find,
my lifes unhappyness.
were i lost it, disappear.


BTDT. 6 months later I got clean. And that led to a job, school, and eventually a car and a host of good things and good times. The symptoms didn’t go away but became more tolerable.

Years later my moms death led me to being hospitalized, having to take 2 months off work, had to quit school. And during all this, I had serious back problems and could barely walk. It took me awhile but I got back on track.
Like James Bond says, “Beaten, but not stirred.” I was down and out but now I’m better and just kind of cruising til I figure out what I want to do. Not beaten for good or forever.


I solved schizophrenia.

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There is No Reason…, For Windows…, For Cameras…, For Enjoyment…, For Fear… . … :pensive:

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