A Poem About Schizophrenia

The Color of Schizophrenia
by Gabrielle B-G

Upside-down pretty crowns pasted on smiley face crayons
in a blue town, she’s draped under their blue umbrella frowns
under blue skies, bluebells and butterflies
demented sapphire poems of improper prophets
dancing under an upside-down moon in her blue gown

crescent crazy magnolia circular psychical cycles
bleeding red the rays of her oblivious summer
temptation, sensations epiphanies of emptiness
dark blue bruises under deep blue cities
in black and blue shoes under black time

wound up into the upside down blue town
hiking sideways across craters full of you
waving dreams and paradises rainbow high
a spectral suspension of perfect lies
the numerology of a universal truth

binding us to the earth, blue chains on our feet
the hollow across smiles bitter and sweet
Her gaze follows a shadow, hollow and oblique
dashing through hoops and throwing power
haunted like the flowers in the fields of
blue eternal hours so blue so insane



I feel like I’m in a forest. All that’s missing is the pixies.

too pretty to be schizophrenic there at the end.

but a very good poem. Keep it up.

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Violets are red
Roses are blue
I’m schizophrenic and so am I

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