A Life Alive Lived

How do you stay alive? Fed and Roomed? Why do you live? I live for revenge and my delusions - my revenge I guess is to out last others and keep trying to make something of myself while others without this hinderence amount to nothing at all even

Life is tough for most people I think.

I stay alive because i want to keep living. I find life fascinating - there is so much to learn, and i want to know as much about it as i can. As for being fed and roomed - i work full time. It isn’t easy but it keeps me focused on other things besides my illness. Why do i love - well again it comes back to how fascinating life can be, and how much there is to still learn. I love politics, economics and anything science related. So i’m always willing to stay alive a bit longer just to see what happens next in these areas. Your motivations are certainly interesting, but if it keeps you alive then that’s something.

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