A homage to our UK friends. It’s also what I had in my pantry

I had black beans and toast for dinner


Oooh, did that actually taste good?

Not sure I’d like it, but it sure looks healthier than some options

Just to let you know, we don’t usually have any beans on toast except ‘baked beans in tomato sauce’


Is that guacamole as well? Looks legit healthy

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@anon83141956 i ate mine before I took a picture. The pic in this thread is off the internet. I just had plain black beans on toast. It was pretty good :relieved:. About y’all only using baked beans Rae thanks for the info.

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That’s good you enjoyed it, sounds pretty healthy!

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Looks very nice sweet. You eat healthier than i do!

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Far better than the standard baked beans on toast, which are loaded anyway with sugar and salt. But to be honest I would call that bruschetta, not beans on toast. Before onset I used to make black bean soup all the time.

Looks healthy @Loke!

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