A good vape

I have a tesla wye ii that i just started using regular. Its bigger than my Smok Novo but has a big chamber for like 10 to 15 ml juice. It is months old with same coil. I really like it.


i ordered an innokin dv, its a refillable pod vape with 12-15 variable wattage 500 mah battery rechargable and stuff its super small and i think the pods can hold like 2.8 ml, i wasnt really looking for a mod i used to have a 200w mod and now just want to try out the smaller mtl pod vapes, i only payed like 24 dollars for it im not expecting it to be too fancy but just enough vapor that i can get decent hits and get my nic

This one is variable from 7 to 215w. It hits super hard high. I keep it at 25 or 30.

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when i would use my smoant battlestar id do like 30 w any higher and i get a burnt taste, might have had a bad tank, im curious if the smaller ones will be any different in feel as it will put out way less vapor but im gonna be using 12 mg nic instead of 3

I use 18 mg nic

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woooooah 18 mg nic in a sub ohm, that is so much if u take big hits dont get sick

Hasn’t bothered me. I dont take huge hits i don’t think.

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I have a 50 watt H-PRIV by Smok with a baby beast tank. I love it. I’m sucking on it right now with a tropical fruit blend juice 6mg. I tried the higher mg stuff but I don’t like that huge buzzy feeling.


Haha woh man you are hard core. I can barely take a hit off my juul without feeling sick

Seriously someone flagged my post. Maybe they have a bad vape.

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