A deadly combo

Does anyone else have/had cray hallucinations after combining weed and stimulants?

Whats a cray hallucination? I know coke really exasperates my paranoia and hallucinations, made it easy to give up doing it, one of the worst drugs for SZ symptoms ive read. Weed used to be my constant, usually kept me centered i guess, but i always did both at the same time and usually some booze, my “big 3” i called the combo. Cant do any of them now really, ill have a few beers on occasion but not to excess and i cant smoke til 4/20 for probation. I wont prob ever do coke again im sure it contributed a lot to my last psychotic break, but when im manic sometimes its too much and i look for anything that can help, bad as it all may be for me. Learned my lesson tho, i hope. One day i hope to be all clean and sober but that has been hard lately to quit almost 20 years of bad habits and self medication.

lol yeah man.

Energy drinks and weed made for some high times in high school. It was straight up “gansta”, yo. Like smoking weed while chugging an energy drink and then lifting heavy weights…and being a bad little psychotic…

Not a healthy choice.

I say do not do either one. I would know, I used to do all of the above and then some, and I have also tried not doing them.

Healthy choice is a newer antipsychotic and moderate caffeine. Nicotine can be a problem- it is pretty much universal for people with schizophrenia. Best to find the least harmful way of using it, and to use to lowest dose you can, if you are addicted like I am.

Like seriously man, I am not telling you crap…I did that stuff for a good while, and not doing it is best. Others mostly find it to be true as well.

I was asking cause I mixed weed and meth the other night, and had some crazy hallucinations! It was extremely dark and slightly disturbing. Kinda puts you in the rabbit hole for a bit.
thank y’all for sharing your experiences though, I appreciate y’all…

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