A craft project for Christmas gifts

I am making denim wreaths for gifts. They are very ‘country decor’. I will add some kind of flowers to them.

With donated jeans, and inexpensive wire wreath frames, they are not costing much to make - tho I did buy myself a new pair of shears to make working with the denim easier.


I saw online that you can make jars of cocoa recipes. mason jars with layer of cocoa, layer of sugar, choc chips, marshmellows, powder milk. then tie ribbon around lid. looks nice and practical. cheap and easy.

I was just in the discount store yesterday, looking at inexpensive jars for something like that!


I’ve never seen anything like that before! Very creative Vallpen.

Well, I didn’t come up with idea on my own. I found it on-line. It was fun to see it start coming together.

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