A busy day

went to capital one, then to rite aid for money order, then keyfood for groceries. it’s nice to get fresh air because my lungs hurt at home a bit. all the while, i was feeling a bit awkward and felt that everyone knew about how weird i was. but yeah, i’m happy i’m home now. tomorrow’s another busy day: laundry


I do a lot of things every day that I hate with a passion. But it feels good to have accomplished them after I’m done.


Careful about showing those kind of feelings, because a lot of people pick up on how you present yourself,and as the saying goes, “It shows.”
I wish they still had a cheap, reliable laundry clean and delivery service.

Just keep telling yourself that people are too concerned with their own lives, this is what my mum tells me when I’m anxious and it tends to put me at ease a little bit more! :slight_smile: hope this helps

It is time for laundry. :shirt:

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woke up with a very very bad back…
probably because i didn’t stretch it after exercising yesterday…

I know the feeling; I have a bad back, too. Mine is in my spine, though, not a muscle issue. I always stretch both before and after my workouts, though I do that also to prevent leg cramps.

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