30 second attention span

oh look something shiny, Hi DrZen you have trouble watching TV or movies do personal conversations bore you too fast, do you get off task easy, there are medications that do help and something to do work however it may not be to the best interest of the schedule for me to do so let me explain you see many people that have over cognitive reasoning,are stressed because the measure of time that it takes to process information is so short in the brain’s ability that it becomes symptomatic causing voices and hallucinations,you may want to try the simple your life of your ability of doing things to a small crawl,this will allow you to maneuver your ability to handle stress as you go along.

Do you laugh and pay attention when things are funny?

If you can do that you’ll get some joy.

I’ve mostly kept things simple.

but sometimes I wanna go deeper into the echoes of the mind that exist for some unknown reason.

I must find the reason.

I have terrible attention. I keep renting movies but find myself only watching 20mins then my concentration goes completely.

You mentioned meds that can help? Could you give me some more info? I have a doctors appointment next week and I would like any suggestions.

I’d prescribe watching better movies(if you can find any)

My favorite movies 2001 and fear and loathing were a chore to sit through even before I got sick.

Difference now is that im not stoned and actually remember them.

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Never seen 2001 - even though I am a huge arther c clark fan.