3 Positives #4

I know you can take B12 as a shot, I’m not sure about the other B complex. And since it’s intramuscular, you can do it yourself at home


Went for a walk.

Told my fur babies I love them.

Got a phone call from my loved one and bought onion , oats and kirks.

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Apartment is clean.
Cluttered but clean.

Took rubbish out.

Went to the post office and got a phone call.

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Doing good with exercise and will do another 20,000 steps which is good. Mind you it takes so much to do it and it’s all I’m basically doing.

Organising paperwork to seek some assistance from the govt so will see how that goes.

Talked to a friend but unfortunatley couldn’t have a coffee today but sill see early next week for a cup of joe and a chat.

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Bought a decent dress shirt from a local thrift store for $6 yesterday. The old ones I had used to make me really overheated but this one is lighter material. The size 18 neck is still a little snug but I will try to lose some more weight.

I can probably wait a little longer to get an oil change for my car. I opted to get a much better oil last time and I don’t seem to be burning if off anymore. They told me it is good for 5k miles but I will probably get it replaced next month after about 4k.

I was very sick and in pain with fever for 3 days and might have had food poisoning or a weird stomach bug. Yesterday, my fever disappeared and I was mostly back to normal and got 6k steps at the mall. My fitbit showed my breathing rate and hrv were off so I definitely was fighting off something but it was a huge relief for my joint pain to be better.


got my moms broken dentures fixed, know she can chew food again

got the refridgorater working again as the freezer was not keeping food frozen

got way bigger payment from insurance for house damaged by hurricane Ian than expected.

  1. Spent quality time with my little brother lately
  2. My mom and step dad have been nice to me
  3. Learned some more about radiation

Hung out with my nieces yesterday
Up and listening to music
Drinking coffee


Went for a walk.

Bought frozen berries.

Had a nice breakfast.overnight oats.

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Baked vegan blueberry muffins.

Watched a little bit of real housewives.
Today is going slowly but that made some time pass.
I can totally vibe by myself and be happy to be by myself but sometimes I get bored and sometimes I get lonely of not having friends as such and no invites to lunches, dinners , parties or just to watch a film together.
I want to have friends.

Bought flour to bake muffins with.

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Second attempt I succeeded.

My loved one bought me some food to last me the rest of the week so i don’t have to have two minutes noodles every day.

I got a second hand vb dress.
Let’s see if this chickibabe can be elegant sometimes.:crazy_face:


Went to the grocery store with mom
Watched the football games
Ate and now drinking water


Exercised. Did legs but for the first time in over a week I won’t get to 20,000 steps but still will do 15,000.

Saw shrink. He signed off on some paperwork for government. Hope it will do the trick and get some extra help. Just have to do my side of it now…it’s a long process for me.

Caught up with a friend yesterday who stopped by for a coffee and a chat. Bit broke this week but will try and schedule a meet up next week with the boys.



Volunteer worked.

Applied for ndis so they will send me an application form.
If I get it it could improve my life and give me a care worker once a week or so and I could join a friend and date app for those on ndis.
I want to make friends so that could be great.

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Exercised. 15,000 steps day.

Went out for lunch with my Aunty and dad. Aunty is 80 this thursday so a bit of an early lunch. Had a burrito bowl which was pretty good. Mince, rice, tomato, lettuce, gaucamole and sour cream with some corn chips…all in a bowl! Very good for Aussie mexican.

Australian Survivor season 8 is on so watched that this morning whilst jogging on the spot to get the heart rate up. Love my survivor.

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Went for a walk.

Got a phone call from my loved one.

Enjoyed the food and drink I’ve had today.

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Exercised. 20,000 step day.

Printed out more forms to get some help. Such a convoluted and rubbish program but you have to play the game just to get some help you need but that is the government for you.

Mowed the lawn. Love the mulcher on the new mower. No stopping to empty the catcher so been keeping it trimmed down low. Have to do it more often especially with rain around but working well.

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Bought groceries and pizza and paid bills.

Talked with my x boyfriend on the phone.
He is visiting tomorrow as a friend to watch Yellowstone together.
I love him so much.
We are so beautiful together.
Such a shame he ghosted me and stood me up several times.
I can’t take such disrespect regardless of excuse.
But I love him so dearly.
Will be difficult for us to not get jiggi with it n make love.he is best lover too.


Paced around like usual
Drank diet soda
Ate fish tacos


To do today and it’s positive

Research how to stimulate hair growth.

Play on my keyboard.

Read my self love book. By… Shainna Ali